As a lot of us know, E3 can be a very fun, yet taxing trade show. The parties, hours of walking from booth to booth, and stuffing yourself at L.A. Live can leave one feeling a bit worn out by the end of the week. That’s why we’ve compiled 3 useful tips for staying happy and healthy this year.

1. Avoid Someone Like This

Yuck, I hope he washes his hands and hasn’t touched a demo controller.

2. Stretch

Standing in lines and walking around can be hard on your muscles, and nothing looks cooler than doing these moves in front of 50,000 strangers. We recommend performing them around some live Twitch or Machinima tapings for extra exposure.

3. Get Some Sun

Take a little break, get some fresh air, and feel the warm LA sun on your skin. Not only will the recess ease a little stress, but according to this site, it’s good for psoriasis.

Follow and repeat these steps Tuesday through Thursday and you’ll have a great 2014 E3.


Congrats to Ubisoft for adding Watch Dogs to their list of franchise successes! According to the French company, the game sold more copies within 24 hours of availability than any other Ubisoft title.

We’re looking forward to their E3 press conference Monday, June 9 at 3pm PST to learn more about the announced Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and more!

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