Working with FutureUS and Square Enix, we were presented with the challenge to immerse users' into the actual vibe of downtown Hong Kong, where the game takes place. While at the same time, we were to tie custom features into the site's functionality that were pertinent to the game. This was all to be done in one execution.

So we built our site plan around a highly interactive HTML5 site & Flash site, where the user gets a first hand look in a Hong Kong street-market through a full-screen experiential website.

The production was complex - We recreated a Hong Kong street-market scene using custom-built props, a 3D-modeled background environment and then shot all characters on green-screen. The full-screen experiential website is loaded with exclusive content that is unlocked through the interaction with numerous hot spots throughout the site revealing teasers, special pre-order bonuses, DLC details, plus Easter Eggs to uncover throughout the site and an exclusive Takedown video featuring actionpacked gory gameplay.

Make sure to take a look at our Behind the Scenes view to see some more about creating this project or see it live at the link below

Launch Site