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social campaign

100 Thoughtful Acts

ASUS & Microsoft

ASUS tasked MoreYellow with creating a campaign to promote the launch of their new ASUS T100 tablet over the holiday break. They wanted a way to tap into a giving holiday spirit and still stand out in the over-promoted device and hardware holiday season. On top of that, another objective was to make sure that the campaign was engrained with a heavy social component, so as to get fans to engage and share.
The Solution
The approved solution was an integrated social/digital campaign that got fans involved by incentivizing them to do as many thoughtful acts for people in need as they could, then sharing them through their network for individual likes and feedback.
The spirit
Our social media ads drove fans to submit photos of their good deeds through the campaign site.
The Cheer
We encouraged fans perform 100 different “Thoughtful Acts” then share them to get more likes.
the holidays
ASUS gave a T100 to the 5 fans with the most liked thoughtful acts each week of the campaign.
The Drivers
We used a mix of drivers to launch and grow traffic throughout the campaign. Social Influencers were key to launch as well as driving traffic from their subscribed channels. We planned and ran targeted social ads on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, to make sure we had the media's support, we put out materials and releases for pickups on a number of major networks.
Social Influencers
Our key ambassadors included Forbes ranked Social Media Power Influencers, contributors for and Huffington Post Top Business Influencers.
Targeted Social Ads
We planned and built Facebook and Twitter campaigns to target both competitor and personal interests. During the campaign we iterated on the best performing ads, pumping CTR across the board.
We put out multiple releases and built asset libraries to make sure we equipped the media with the appropriate firepower for article mentions and pickups.
Campaign Site
The campaign site contained 100 Thoughtful Acts, it allowed user’s to pick their acts and then upload images of them doing them. We built a real-time leaderboard so you could always see where you ranked amongst the competition. All the more important, at every turn there was information on ASUS and the soon to be released T100 tablet.
Here’s how the app worked:
1. Pick Your Act
2. Upload & Share
In the app fans would upload their photos or videos and share them on Facebook and Twitter to get as many likes as possible. The more acts they performed the better their chances.
3. Earn Points
Every “like” or “favorite” fans received on their social media posts were equivalent to 1 point. Fans could watch their points accumulate in the leader board in real time and was reset weekly with a fresh set of leaders.
4. Win Weekly Prizes
Each week, the 5 players with the most points won an ASUS T100. Then the overall grand prize winner at the end of the whole campaign won a prize pack of the T100 as well as a bunch of other ASUS gear.
Final Design
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Campaign Management
Over the course of the 6-week run, MoreYellow closely managed all aspects of the campaign to keep ad and social engagement peaked.
Campaign Management
Ad Optimization
We continually iterated on each social ad based on the key features of the highest performers. Because of this, we were able to increase users’ CTR and decrease our CPC.
Campaign Management
Social Engagement
The driving force of this campaign came from the Social Ambassadors and Social Ad Campaigns. After the planning was done and the media was running, we stayed close to the engagement to capitalize on relationships and grow our subscribed followers.
Campaign Management
Moderation & Fulfillment
We reviewed all incoming submissions to check against inappropriate content or cheating. Upon campaign closure, we assisted ASUS in contacting all winners and organizing the fulfillment of the campaign prizes.
The Results
We had an amazing impact throughout this 6-week promotion. In 3 phases we successfully made tens of thousands of social interactions, we directly pushed users’ to the ASUS product buy pages and most importantly we promoted kindness and giving back during the holiday season.
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