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DC Universe Cosplay Contest

Infinite Crisis & WB Games

WB Games new release, Infinite Crisis challenged us to introduce core gamers to an all-new cast of DC characters while building a base of early adopters to help beta test the game. Our Solution: Engage fans of beloved DC Superheroes on existing social channels with a Cosplay contest. Fans would be challenged to dress up as their favorite characters, upload their photos and climb the leaderboard by collecting Facebook likes and shares, for a chance to win a trip to Pax in Seattle.
Take a look at how we created this experience.
Phase 1
The Lead Up
To tease the contest, we created multiple graphics and videos with the well-known Cosplay celebrity, Chloe Dykstra. We shared these across DC’s and Warner Bros. social channels, which linked to a teaser site where fans could learn more about the contest rules and prizes.
Phase 2
Contest Launch
The official kick-off was made both online and offline with a social media blast and press announcement at the year’s largest Cosplay show — ComicCon.
Web Application
The Web application lets fans upload their photos, accumulate points through various activities and watch the leaderboard to see how they ranked against the competition.
Application Design
Social Engagement
Throughout the duration of the contest, we actively engaged in conversation with fans on multiple social channels as they posted their photos.
Phase 3
Celebrity Judging
The top 30 scores made the cut to the final Celebrity Round Table where they were whittled down to 10 finalists. Voting was then reopened to the public to choose the final winner.
The Celebrity Panel
Matt Mirra
Paul Scheer
Chloe Dykstra
actress & host of just cos
Jim Fletcher
creative director dc comics
7,040 Players 10 Finalists One Winner
The Results
We had an amazing impact throughout this six-week promotion. In three phases, we built awareness, recruited a core of early adopters and stimulated a ton of social activity.
Total Players
7K +
Facebook Likes
Facebook shares