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Mobile Game Launch

DC Legends

Warner Brothers

WB Games and DC challenged us to help launch their first-ever standalone mobile title in the DC Universe called, DC Legends. Unlike other DC mobile titles, this game was a standalone title that did not benefit from a console counter-part. We where tasked with creating a unique and approachable style to meet consumers expectations for top console games as well as standout in a crowded app marketplace. Creating the theatrical trailer, logo, app icon, key-art, and game preview trailer.
Take a look at what we created.

Theatrical Trailer

The idea behind our theatrical trailer embraced the sense of identity you get from being a part of a team and the confidence you get when you believe you can take on any challenge, together. Ultimately, showing fans what it would be like to lead their own unique team of iconic DC characters.
We used the character models from the game as our base and enhanced them to have a higher polygon count and exaggerated features. Then painted each desolate landscape by hand. Subtly, placing iconic landmarks throughout the environment to tie back to the lore of the game.

Logo Design
& Concept

Our approach for the logo was to create a design that was simple and modern, yet still maintained an epic comic book feel.
We went through multiple concepts an iterations that played on the story and UI from the game until we found the right blend of modern simplicity and the classic comic book feel.

Key Art

The key-art was designed to provide a cohesive look with our theatrical trailer, as well as make it easy to swap out any of the 32 playable characters from the game.
The colors for the characters and environment where painstakingly tweaked until we found a perfect balance of saturation on the characters that helped pop them off the background.

Icon Design
& App Trailer

Using a beta version of the game we captured footage and edited a fast paced trailer with a focus on highlighting the dynamic camera movement and unique features of the game.
As with any app icon we needed something iconic and recognizable, and who better than the Man of Steel himself. A fitting exclamation point to our legendary journey.