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Integrated Campaign

Mad Max

Warner Brothers

For WB Games new release of Mad Max, we where challenged with introducing fans to the post apocalyptic world of the Wasteland while educating them on how to survive and thrive in a world where it’s every man for himself. With the game scheduled for release in September 2015, we began building out the introduction process as well as developing a long term solution for maintaning awareness along with ideas for promotions with the game release.
Take a look at what we did below.
Phase 1

Building Awareness

We leveraged the popularity of ComicCon to ignite core fans interest in the game and supported it with a corresponding teaser site.

Phase 2

Digital Platform

We created a fully responsive destination for fans to dive deeper and carried the enthusiasm with timed releases of custom interactive experiences.

Phase 3

Promotions & Activations

We supported the game launch with custom HTML banners and video teaser for our NASCAR cross promotion.

Phase 1

Building Awareness

  • Mad Max Teaser Site
  • Put Yourself in the Game
  • West Coast Customs Promotion

Mad Max Teaser Site

To promote the release of the Mad Max video game developed by WB Games and Avalanche Studios, we created a custom parallax teaser site. Complete with intial key art, an integrated social media section and the ability to preorder the game allowed fans the opportunity to recieve the latest news and events.

Put Yourself in the Game

We decided to pull all the stops at ComicCon and let fans literally put themselves in the game. Show goers were invited to test-drive the Magnum Opus, while we composited a custom video of them in the game real-time, to share with their friends and family.

How it worked

Capture Live Event Green Screen

Starting with the chroma key, we had to build the easiest, most repeatable method to key the car/showgoer on the green screen and put it into the game footage. Then, all on the fly, we compressed the video into multiple formats for different devices.

Review Composited Video

After the fans finished their recording, they redeemed their video at the video at the touch kiosk. They would watch their video and then share either the video, or a photo from the video, with their friends via email or Facebook.

Share with Friends

Interesting note, we found that 85 percent of the fans shared by email instead of Facebook which leads us to believe fans shy away from logging in to their account on a public device. All shares took users to a landing page to view their video and watch a plug for the game.

Mad Max Comic Con Highlights
Go In-Depth

Comic Con Case Study

Get the full story on how we created the Mad Max Comic Con experience by visting the below link.

Visit The Case Study

West Coast Customs

To promote an upcoming episode of the hit series West Coast Customs, we created a custom teaser site that allowed a behind the scenes look at creating a real world replica of the Magum Opus.

Photo Shoot and Mini-Site

For this project we went on-site to grab photos of the Magnum Opus built by West Coast Customs. We promoted the upcoming episode by creating an interactive mini-site complete with full screen video and custom scrolling.

How It Worked

We started with an on-site photo shoot to capture images of the car for the promotional mini-site.

We then selected the best shots and enhanced with color corrections.

Our next step involved builing out the custom mini-site to promote the upcoming West Coast Custom’s episode.

The episode aired April 27th and 29th on the Fox Sports 2 Network.

Phase 1


Through out the campaign, we provided an in-depth analysis into each of the initial campaigns and suggested insights into how best to continue the momentum and increase results where needed.

Mad Max Teaser Site
  • 26kVisits
  • 23kUnique Visitors
Put Yourself in the Game
  • 2.1kEmails Sent
  • 2.5kVideos Shared on Facebook
West Coast Customs
  • 3kVisitors
  • 7.1Awwwards Honorable Mention Score
Phase 2

Digital Platform

  • Mad Max Main Site
  • Mad Max Garage
  • Mad Max Map

Mad Max Main Site

For the main build, we developed and launched a fully responsive brand website to house all of the digital experiences we would strategically release leading up to the launch of the game.

Mad Max Garage

We launched the garage to highlight the most inportant survival tools in the Wasteland - the vehicles. These finely tuned fortresses on wheels are your only hope for survival in this hellish landscape.

Mad Max Map

We created an interactive map of the Wasteland to help educate fans of vast landscape of the open world gameplay and the many deranged and ruthless overlords that rule it.

Phase 2


Through out the campaign, we provided an in-depth analysis into each of the initial campaigns and suggested insights into how best to continue the momentum and increase results where needed.

Mad Max Main Site
  • 2MVisits
  • 575kUnique Visitors
Mad Max Garage
  • 40kVisitors
  • 32kUnique Visitors
Mad Max Map
  • 20kVisitors
  • 17.5kUnique Visitors
Phase 3

Activation & Promotion

  • Mad Max Nascar Promotion
  • Mad Max Rich Media Campaign

Nascar Promotion

We filmed and composited a short film with NASCAR driver Erik Jones where he took the Magnum Opus out for a spin in the desert. To promote his upcoming race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where his car was skinned with Mad Max branding.

The Video Shoot

We filmed a full day of shooting at the sand flats in Southern California. The shoot consisted of our team shooting on 4K cameras with the client there to provide instant feedback.

HTML Rich Media Units

To help announce the launch of the game we created a series of HTML banners for both desktop and mobile utilizing custom fire and smoke effects to highlight the richness and detail of the game and of course capture the users attention.

Twitch Promotion

To promote a live stream of the Mad Max gameplay, we created a custom Twitch homepage take-over, complete with a seamless skin and animation effects.

Rich Media

Built using HTML5, we created several rich media units that included custom animations and the ability to view the latest trailer directly within the unit.


Using HTML5, Javascript and a YouTube API provided us the benefit of re-purposing the animation and functionality from the rich media units and apply them directly to mobile devices.

Campaign Results

Teaser Site Views
In-Person Activations
Main Site Views
Garage Visits
Map Visits