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Trade Show

Put Yourself
In The Game

MadMax & WB Games

To help announce one of WB Game’s newest titles, Mad Max, we decided to pull all the stops at ComicCon and let show goers literally put themselves in the game. Show goers were invited to test-drive the Magnum Opus, while we composited a custom video of them in the game real-time, to share with their friends and family.
Take a look a how we created this experience

The Concept

While the overall concept sounded simple, we knew success would depend on our attention to the details. Here are the initial sketches we presented to our client.
Look The Part
Professional makeup artists face paint while you wait.
Get in and do your best while the director films you.
Share Your Video
Step out to your right please. Share your video with the touch kiosk.
Drive Awareness
Shares directed fans back to the site to learn more about the game.

The Wireframes

A detailed plan for the app was critical for a successful production. Our wires mapped out UX and noted all content so design could get started.
The Production

Research & Development

The production process was all about setup, testing and testing. And, uh, well more testing.

Userflow & Design

Beginning to end the technology behind the experience needed to be seamless. From real-time keying and compositing to rendering and sharing, everything needed to work in tandem.
Green Screen & Video Capture
Starting with the chroma key, we had to build the easiest, most repeatable method to key the car/showgoer on the green screen and put it into the game footage. Then, all on the fly, we compressed the video into multiple formats for different devices.
iPad Design UI
After the fans finished their recording, they redeemed their video at the video at the touch kiosk. They would watch their video and then share either the video, or a photo from the video, with their friends via email or Facebook.
Social Share Feature
Interesting note, we found that 85 percent of the fans shared by email instead of Facebook which leads us to believe fans shy away from logging in to their account on a public device. All shares took users to a landing page to view their video and watch a plug for the game.


All the preparation came together for a great show. Fans lined up, got their makeup done, picked up props from the game, got into the car and performed to make their best videos. Here are some shots taken at the show.

The Results

In the end, the most important part is whether or not the idea performed. We’re thrilled to say it did. Over the course of the four-day show, there was never a gap in the waiting line. Most people waited over 45 minutes to “Put themselves in the game.” The activation was covered by CNN, FOX, Motor Trend as well as others. Thousands of videos were made and the shares multiplied on the Web. And it was voted as one of the best booth ideas of the year, among the whole gaming industry.
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Mad Max Comic Con