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Integrated Campaign

Science of Gaming

ASUS ROG + Intel

Our initial objective given was to develop a program to launch ASUS’s new ROG product line during the holiday season. This was for 3 new laptops and 1 desktop machine.
The challenge was two-fold
Focus our message to speak to an early adopter group, today’s core and mid-core PC gaming audience. As well as find a way to reach them during the overpriced holiday media season, when the buy cost is high and inventory is low.
Here’s how we did it.

Campaign Premise -
The Science of Gaming

To tell the story, we explored and exposed the skill set and ability of professional gamers in comparison to that of every day players. We not only wanted to show this science of what makes pro’s elite, but also actually get the audience to compete in online tests to see how they stacked up against today’s top players.

Building an
Earned Audience

Creating the
Content System


Building an Earned Audience

How We Do It Differently

Rather than buy our audience, we built an earned audience. To reach the core, you’ll always be more effective if you speak through respected figureheads in their respective industries. So we built an elite group of leaders comprised of actual professional gamers and gaming influencers who specialize in the latest advancements in games, gameplay and technology.

Pro Gamers as our Experts

We used four eSports professionals over the course of the 4 week campaign - 1 per week. Each pro participated using one of the four products we were sharing in the campaign. One criteria for our selection, was that each pro have a built in audience of followers, so that they were part of the distribution of content.

Small Influencers as our Drivers

Our tactic is to assemble a large group of influencers with smaller sub-counts. Without a popularity play, the influencer’s subscribers are only their to listen and learn. Grouping subscribers like these into larger groups pays dividends in engagement and traction over using celebrity or popularized influencers.




Total Video Views

Creating the Content System

We built a 4 step system for the user experience. As mentioned, the key was to create a competitive yet educational experience for users’ as they went through the funnel.

Learn About the Pros

They’re just like us! We give a first hand look at a day in the life of each of our pro athletes.

Breakdown the Science

What makes them great? Here’s the breakdown to show the science behind what makes them better than the rest.

Pro's vs. Joe's - The Challenge

We created four custom built WebGL games that allowed the fans to play and compete against the pro’s.

Play the Games

Social Share & Incentatives

Show your friends how you did in the competition and be entered for a chance to win the promoted product for the week.

Campaign Site

The campaign site housed the videos, games with leaderboards for each week of competition as well as the product detail pages.

Visit the Site

Product Promotion

The new products were promoted throughout the entire user flow. From the initial lifestyle videos all the way to entering the competition, you could learn more about the new products.

The authentic approach of non-forced product promotion paid off with over 55% of the campaign traffic going to the product pages, an even better over 25% of all traffic linking out to partner buy pages.


Product Page Views


Retail Link Outs


Product Page Views


Retail Link Outs

Campaign Performance

The campaign, concept to completion, took a total of 12 weeks to build. It ran for 4 weeks leading up and into the holiday season.

We had over 30% of viewership on the influencer videos we posted, which ended up with a 10% CTR to the site. Even more impressive, over 55% of the traffic went to the product pages to learn more, and 25% of all users linked out of the site to a distributor buy page.

All of which was done without buying any media.

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Game Plays
Product Page Views
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